Power Steering Doesn’t Work at Idle: Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions

Power Steering Doesn't Work at Idle

Power steering systems are designed to make driving easier by helping drivers turn the steering wheel with a lot less effort. This is especially helpful at low speeds, such as during city driving or parking. However, some drivers might experience a strange phenomenon where the power steering doesn’t work at idle. This issue can be … Read more

What Does A Steering Box Do?

What Does A Steering Box Do

If you asked even an experienced driver: what does a steering box do? Many will not be able to answer this question. Most people know that there are gears that help your engine to transfer power to the wheels, but don’t know the exact function. Find out more below! Do you ever wonder what a … Read more

Why Does My Car Make A Clicking Sound When Turning Steering Wheel?

Why Does My Car Make A Clicking Sound When Turning Steering Wheel

If you hear a clicking sound when turning steering wheel, it could be symptomatic of a problem with your car’s CV joints. Let us discuss clicking, grinding, clunking, whining and all other sorts of noises in your steering wheel in the article below. If your car is making a noise when you turn the steering … Read more

What Is A Steering Wheel Made Out Of?

What Is A Steering Wheel Made Out Of

The steering wheel is the driver’s most important interface with the car. But have you ever wondered “what is a steering wheel made out of?” The steering wheel is one of the essential components of your car. It helps the driver turn the vehicle in every direction he wants.  Moreover, it helps minimize wear and … Read more